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Your customer journey at PROS starts with a team that’s all in to help you outperform.

And we're with you every step of the way

A single PROS solution connects you to a small army of the world’s most talented pricing and sales professionals. Some you may meet (customer success managers, support teams, marketing gurus), and some you’ll only know through the cutting edge, patented science they’ve built for our products (trust us, our scientists and engineers are an impressive bunch – you’d like them).

We guide

To go with PROS is to work with an expert pre-sales team to determine baseline and success metrics. Nothing makes us happier than connecting our products with your business needs.

Strategic Consultants

Our strategic consultants guide customers through a process of discovery and show, step by step, how PROS solutions lead directly to increased revenue.

Jason Knape Director, Migrations at PROS

We implement

To go with PROS is to see a product implemented by skilled solution architects and consultants who intimately understand your commerce challenges and how our tools will help. Think: seamless.

Jason Knape

Solutions Architect Leader

Meet Jason Knape, a solution architect leader who knows your world and knows how to implement PROS products to revolutionize it. (Note: Jason also sported a Mohawk in college.)

Amber Weaver Manager, Product Management at PROS

We innovate

To go with PROS is to use our sales and pricing products to drive serious revenue growth and reach entirely new tiers of profitability.

Amber Weaver

Product Manager

Meet Amber Weaver, a product manager who works closely with customers to understand their specific challenges and how our products can solve them. She helps craft a product’s roadmap, direction and ultimately its success. (Note: Amber also expertly captains a boat on weekends.)

Patrick Yuen Customer Marketing Specialist at PROS Inc.

We connect

To go with PROS is to gain a perpetual open door to customer support and the extended PROS family, including regular touch points, webinars and health checks. Plus, plan to pack your bags for Outperform, our dynamic annual conference.

Patrick Yuen

Customer Marketing Specialist

Meet Patrick Yuen, a marketing specialist who supports our Customer Loyalty Program and success stories. It’s his job to nurture relationships and reward advocates. He’s good at his job. (Note: Patrick is also a former hip-hop choreographer.)

Belinda Overdeput Customer Success Manager at PROS

We advocate

To go with PROS is to grow, to renew, to quantifiably measure ROI and gain quick access to new solutions, ongoing updates and all the latest industry buzz from one of its principle leaders.

Belinda Overdeput

Customer Success Manager

Meet Belinda Overdeput, a customer success manager who is passionate about PROS and those we serve. She’s with you from implementation to adoption and remains your chief internal advocate. Your business vision becomes her own. (Note: Belinda can also rap almost any late 90’s/early 2000’s hip hop song in its entirety.)

We lead

And to go with PROS is ultimately to receive the accrued experience of a truly visionary leadership team dedicating every day to your success.

Professional Services

The Professional Services team guides the efforts of implementation, solution architects, tech leads and customer trainers. It’s our job to make sure PROS customers are happy, well served and profoundly successful.

Our customers lead in the digital economy. They also love to talk about how PROS helped them get there.

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We are your advocates, your partners, your people. And for your loyalty we’d like to say thank you!

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