Closing the Costliest Gaps in Your Pricing Capabilities

12:00 pm EST

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Webinar Overview

In this pricing webinar, Rafe VanDenBerg, the Editor in Chief at the PricingBrew Journal, will explore the top three pricing capability gaps that are still all-too-common considering their detrimental effects on pricing performance.

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What Attendees Will Learn

Attendees Will Learn:

• Why these capability gaps are so costly
• How to determine whether or not you’re suffering from them
• The straightforward steps you can take to close the gaps once and for all.

This PPS webinar is brought to you by PROS and PricingBrew Journal.

About the Presenter

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Rafe VanDenBerg

Editor in Chief, PricingBrew Journal

Rafe VanDenBerg is editor-in-chief of the PricingBrew Journal and a veteran of B2B pricing, marketing, and sales. With over 20 years of experience, he’s been a practitioner for Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors, a successful independent consultant and author, as well as a technology innovator. He, along with the research team at MindBrew, work to identify true root causes to expose and publish simple, pragmatic solutions that companies can implement with minimal disruption.