B2B Buyers Know Their Customers. Does Amazon?

By Geoff Webb | MarTech Advisor

Amazon is expanding into B2B purchasing with Amazon Business, utilizing their famed efficient global distribution for broad range B2B product shipping. However, B2B businesses shouldn’t worry yet — they should embrace their deep expertise providing more personalization for superior buyer experiences, writes, Geoff Webb is the VP of Product Marketing at PROS.

“Get big, get niche, or get out!” The old business adage has been applied to difficult competitive situations since the mid ’90s at least (and probably much earlier than that.)

The idea, simply put, is that for a business to win they must grow to the point where economies of scale enable them to offer a significant competitive advantage, or they must focus on a small sector where they can offer something no one else does. If neither of these options works, then they should abandon the market entirely, (and presumably focus their efforts elsewhere with greater success.)

The problem that many businesses face today, however, is that the ‘grow big’ strategy has been adopted, owned, and thoroughly dominated by one company – a company so good at entering new markets that it has its own nomenclature – The Amazon Effect.

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