The Evolution of B2B Consumer Preferences in 2021

Loretta Faluade,

B3B consumer preferences have changed forever. 2020 has been one for the record books with the global pandemic radically shifting the way buyers and sellers engage, maybe forever. Buyers had already begun showing a preference for digital channels, but the enforcement of global lockdowns procedures has only accelerated this trend. In fact, McKinsey reported that the U.S. eCommerce experienced ten years worth of growth in three months. So what are the implications of this shift to digital channels?

Business leaders must reimagine the buying experience and look at how to integrate their digital channels with their traditional selling motions so buyers have a coordinated and cohesive buying experience. Today’s buyers expect fast and easy interactions with a high level of personalization along their buying journey, so what can business leaders do to deliver the experiences that drive customer loyalty and retention?

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