Keeping Pace with the Technology Behind Digital Transformation

David Roe,

With enterprises moving rapidly to a remote working model, the tools that workers use to meet business goals are changing, too. While there has been constant evolution and development of existing tools, the past eight months have accelerated the development of many apps and platforms, particularly those used for communications and remote collaboration.

Prepare for Market Disruption
The biggest challenge in this context is the fact that available technology and customer expectations are evolving rapidly, said Geoff Webb, vice president of strategy at Houston-based PROS, an AI-based commerce platform. Businesses will always compete to deliver the best customer experience and sharpen their advantages. Major disruptions to the market, like COVID-19, will also force businesses to constantly innovate. Businesses need to be comfortable with a continuous, relentless process of digital transformation in which advances in technology open new opportunities to disrupt and reshape markets.

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