Navigating Buyer Needs in Times of Disruption

Geoff Webb,

She has a brain five times the size of yours, can make a noise so loud it would deafen a normal human, and she’s set to teach us all a lesson about running a business in uncertain times.

Her formal title is Physeter Macrocephalus but she’s ok with the less formal, “Sperm Whale” or the rather uncommon “cachalot” (from the French for “big teeth” ). But it isn’t her teeth (or even her giant brain) that we should be interested in – it’s her ability to see in the dark. An ability that is especially pertinent for enterprise organizations trying to navigate their way through the sudden and unpredictable changes in buyer behavior brought about by the COVID pandemic.

Because buyer behavior has most definitely changed. I’ve seen examples of business having to move from a small percentage of their buying online to almost their entire revenue is coming through eCommerce channels. In other cases, the mix of products being sold has changed dramatically and without warning.

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