The Digital Drive in Automotive Manufacturing

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The digital revolution of the automotive industry is already underway. As a result of digitalisation, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers will benefit from increased productivity, greater flexibility, and shorter times to market. Customers will also benefit from personalized, higher-quality vehicles. CTS highlights five digital trends within automotive manufacturing

The Growth of Digital Sales

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the automotive industry in recent months. With the ability to carry out face-to-face sales reduced, there has been great pressure for manufacturers to meet customers demands through digital selling in multiple channels. And this trend looks set to be a long-term shift, with research from McKinsey and Company suggesting that less than a third of younger consumers prefer to conduct business in person.

Richard Blatcher, director of business intelligence at PROS explains that the company’s research supports this theory, indicating that businesses buying from manufacturers increasingly favour digital, with 42 per cent preferring to self-serve, as opposed to 30 per cent pre-pandemic. “This is a clear call to action for the automotive industry to invest in technologies that allow them to be adaptable to changing buying behaviours and demands.

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