PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) is proven to increase group sales closure rates by 25%, improve employee productivity by 3x, and drive 15% greater revenue and margin for your business. At Emirates, that translates into $50M dollars in increased profit!


PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) puts you in full control of your group sales offers. GSO provides self-service booking proven to increase revenue uplift by 15% and skyrocket employee productivity by 3X.

Etihad Airways transforms Group Sales through Dynamic Pricing

“Just a matter of seconds for group requests to be analysed… Improvement of over 500% in response time overall.”

– Nicolas Saint-Pierre, Cargo Capacity and Systems Manager, Etihad Airways

Digitally Transform Your Group Sales Process to Fully Control the Offer

PROS Group Sales software pins down a single location for all users – travel agents, sales, revenue management, etc. – creating a digital helm for airlines to manage group bookings, pricing, contracts and policies. Frictionless, transparent, super quick. With Group Sales Optimizer, airlines can quickly manage bookings and trip changes, providing a fluid, transparent process.

Self-Service, the Way Your Customers Want

Transform your group booking process with self-service eCommerce capabilities that empower travel agents to quickly quote, book, and manage changes. The automated group pricing and booking process lets your airline drive better fares, greater group conversion, and more revenue.

Eliminate Dependencies on Legacy Systems

With the power of payment management and ticketing, airlines have a one-stop shop for all their group pricing and booking needs. This greatly creates efficiency and reduces costs. Our group solution integrates ancillaries and post-ticketing management to allow you to completely revolutionize the group busines


Our suite of fare marketing technology products are your solution for direct channel growth and customer acquisition, no integration needed.

Helping the world’s most successful airlines stay that way...

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PROS airline customers outperform their competitors because they use PROS to manage both sides of the margin equation, price and cost. As a result, PROS has become the CFO’s best-kept secret for profitable growth.