Customer Showcase: Japan Airlines Transforms Its Group Sales with PROS

In the ever-competitive group travel market, airlines are looking for new technology, new processes and approaches to transform how travelers research, shop, book and fly. This stands true not only for the individual traveler experience but also for group travelers. Group pricing and booking can be a complicated manual process. Yet, it is an important driver of an airline’s business strategy around process efficiencies and improved customer experiences. 

One example of an Asian airline transforming its group revenue management and selling processes today is Japan Airlines (JAL), Japan’s flagship airline. JAL has selected PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) with OneSearch as their group solution for the new era. Headquartered in Tokyo, JAL operates 279 aircraft and flies to 92 destinations around the world. By partnering with PROS, JAL will create an efficient e-commerce experience for its travel agents by helping them differentiate the airline’s services and in turn, increase the group sales conversion rate and revenue.  

“For many years, JAL has partnered with PROS on their best-in-class revenue management. With PROS GSO, JAL looks to rapidly scale their capacity for serving channel partners with very high-volume demands while ensuring the superior customer experience they expect from our airline,” said Masanori Miyajima, Vice President of Revenue Management Planning. “We look to PROS to continue to expand our group channel while employing scientific dynamic pricing.” 

The group travel market has long been a unique and important segment of the business model in Japan. As travelers and their travel agents look for speed, transparency and efficiency when shopping and booking travel, airlines like JAL are looking for a distinct competitive edge. The single, simple user portal where both sales and revenue management teams can create offers, manage policies and administer groups contracts with its travel agencies and business partners – which results in process efficiencies and dramatically reduces quote times. 

“The partnership between PROS and JAL began in 2012 with the deployment of multiple revenue management systems. Through our collaborative team effort working closely with JAL, PROS affirms our commitment to deliver value to our esteemed partner. Our established relationship with JAL and the trust earned over time have been key to being selected again for GSO,” said Benson Yuen, President of Travel, PROS. “We look forward to continue strengthening our outstanding relationship with JAL.”

Given the breadth and complexity of airline revenue management, selling and retailing associated with digital transformation initiatives, airlines around the world are looking for comprehensive yet flexible solutions to achieve their business goals. PROS is proud to be a key partner of JAL’s journey to not only improve selling to groups but also to create a better commerce experience for their customers. 

Learn more about PROS group solution and why it is a critical part of an airline’s journey to offer optimization.

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