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Using AI to Personalize the Offer

All passengers are unique, and each one has different needs and preferences when they shop for travel. How do airlines predict travelers’ intent, deliver the right product at the right time, and price to drive better conversion? AI helps airlines discover patterns and insights and create personalized offers for their customers. A real-life story from TAP Air Portugal on how search insights can fuel a personalized shopping experience that impacts airline ancillary revenue.

About the Speaker: Elton D’Souza is the Chief Revenue Officer of TAP Portugal. Prior to his current role, Elton was the Senior Vice President Network & Revenue Management. Mr. D’Souza has held leadership positions with Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. and Swiss Air Transport Company Ltd. In those roles he developed expertise across marketing, direct sales, eCommerce, revenue management, pricing, distribution and airline strategy. In addition to his day job, Mr. D’Souza has held a number of board positions providing leadership and guidance to Mindpearl, Loyalty Gate Ltd., and ATPCO. Mr. D’Souza has extensive experience moving from a segment-based model to a pure origin and destination environment.

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