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Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss Outperform 2023

Outperform is back! It’s live, it’s in person, and it’s coming to Denver, Colorado May 22- May 24.

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Experience firsthand how the PROS Platform delivers the data-driven insights needed to dynamically price, personalize and sell offerings in an ever-changing market. BUT if that doesn’t convince you to join, here are the top 3 reasons to attend this year:

  1. Outperform is THE experience to discover AI-powered profitable growth secrets. AI-driven profitable growth is crucial in the B2B landscape for several reasons including: gaining competitive advantage, increasing overall revenue, and streamlining the customer experience. While AI is rapidly advancing, PROS is at the forefront with our new, industry leading Price Optimization powered by PROS Gen IV AI. Learn how these AI advancements can power your profitable growth in an AI Workshop led by Dr. Michael Wu.
  2. Outperform is designed to drive GROWTH. Growth is our secret weapon at Outperform 2023. On average, our customers experience margin improvement of 200 basis points, efficiency gain of 67%, and revenue uplift of 8%. Discover the secrets of PROS AI-powered solutions and experience firsthand how businesses are using Profit Optimization Software to solve their company’s biggest challenges.
  3. Outperform fosters networking, community building, and fun! Talk to like-minded peers about business challenges in your industry, listen to informative and transformative keynote speakers from industry-leading companies, and participate in real-time, product-focused sessions with product experts and scientists. Check out the fun had in years past here and join us in the Mile High City for Outperform 2023!

View the agenda, and register now at See you there!

About the Author

Andrea Hern, Industry Solutions Marketing Specialist at PROS, leads the go-to-market strategy for the food and consumables industry. Andrea is passionate about making data driven decisions, telling compelling stories, and simplifying complex ideas.

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