A One-of-a-kind Booking Tool for the World’s Most Iconic Aircraft, the Airbus A380

A Dedicated Metasearch for the A380 and its Airline Operators

Airbus created the online booking assistant www.iflyA380.com for travellers who love the superjumbo – the first and only flight search that presents flights to accommodate travellers’ preference for a specific aircraft model. For the first time you are free to specifically search for A380 operated flights, choose your own in-flight travel experience, opting for wider seats, superior service, more entertainment options, and a more comfortable flight overall.

Airbus undertook this initiative because the A380 is a passengers’ favourite: according to an independent survey*, 98% of A380 passengers would recommend flying on the A380 to their friends and family, and 60% are willing to make an extra effort to fly with the aircraft. The 13 premier airlines (Air France, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Southern China Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways) operating the A380 also benefit from this innovative approach by promoting their flights and services.

Airbus wants to guarantee an excellent experience for the travellers, and fully satisfy their airline partners, and consequently had extensive demands for their flight search engine powering the iflyA380.

To give the best choice and a safe booking, iflyA380 operates as a ‘metasearch’ so you get a comprehensive search capability and the safety of finalizing the booking on the airline web site.

You can explore A380 destinations, discover the distinctive on-board services that the A380 operators offer in every class, and search for A380 flights. The search results show all relevant flights operated on the A380, indicating airline, price and itinerary. After selecting a flight, you are directly sent to the carrier’s website to finalise the booking.

The experience matches or exceed major online travel sites. Choose between multiple flight options, airlines alternatives (out of the 13), including interline connections, conveniently presented to match your preference for the A380. Response time is minimal despite the millions of flight combinations that are explored behind the scenes.

In this very original marketing initiative that connects consumers to Airbus airline clients, the A380 operators must get the highest value. With an extensive flight choice, they get more sales opportunities. iflyA380 also mirrors the logic of the carriers’ websites so that prices and flight offers are identical and this can be adjusted in real time at their demand with simple updates in the configuration behind.

iflyA380 had an immediate and remarkable success with passengers and airlines. While the peculiarity and specific requirements of the project made it challenging, the outcome was of utmost importance – to have Airbus, travellers and the A380 operators fully satisfied and enjoying the result.

Sky is the limit when technology is powerful and flexible!

So there are opportunities to innovate further in the shopping experience or even to make tools for travel agents wishing to create a distinctive advantage and offer a memorable travel experience to their customers.

Choose, fly, love A380!

*Epinion: Independent agency surveying passengers arriving on A380 flights at London Heathrow.

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Stanislava leads the go-to-market strategy for PROS airline eCommerce portfolio as Senior Product Marketing Manager. She is passionate about the impact of digital on businesses and how fast technology is changing the way consumers shop for travel.

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