Deliver Easy and Intuitive Quotes With CPQ To Win More Business

Russ Chadinha

If you deliver a quote that is unclear, poorly organized and convoluted, it makes the sales process harder for both your reps and your customers.

But if you provide information to your customer quickly, clearly and accurately, you are giving your sales reps the best chance to win the business. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools are an excellent way to streamline the quoting process, increasing sales reps’ confidence and customer satisfaction.

Engaging with customers in the quoting process has always been complex. A great deal of time and energy must be invested in making sure the customer understands the offer. It’s important that you don’t let the complexity of your quoting system or process prevent you from getting the sale.

Previously, sales reps have found ways to overcome that obstacle through investing time and energy to build customer engagement. They would carefully walk a customer though a quote that may be 1,000 or more lines long, explaining terms, resolving concerns and generally being available for whatever questions a customer may have.

By moving to a CPQ system, your company could create a very different and positive experience for the customer. The quoting process doesn’t need to be tedious and painful. The newfound clarity and seeming simplicity of the quote with CPQ creates drastic improvement in the customer’s experience and helps them feel informed and empowered without complicated explanations from sales reps.

Using CPQ to generate quotes means reps don’t need to have long logistical conversations with customers as part of the quoting process. By reducing the time required to manage the quoting process, you have made doing business easier for your customer and your sales reps.

Using CPQ ensures that you are making the business of doing business easy. And making life easier for your customers is an excellent way to make yourself the go-to option for doing business.

Top 4 Ways Using CPQ Improves Your Quotes

1) Uniform presentation: CPQ enables your sales reps to create a standardized, professional-looking proposal that is consistent with your company’s branding standards and customer expectations. By involving your marketing team in the design process, you prevent sales reps from taking artistic license and possibly violating your brand standards.

2) Understandable language: Clear, precise use of language is always necessary, especially in B2B sales. For customers to feel comfortable signing off on a sale, they must first understand what they’re seeing.

For example, many companies want to take ERP jargon and use it in customer-facing materials, and that simply doesn’t work. CPQ helps manage that delivery of information while avoiding acronyms, jargon and cryptic codes. It also groups and organizes the components of the quote in a logical manner, helping customers identify and understand key sections, such as terms and conditions, pricing and product information.

3) Accuracy: Using the CPQ system helps avoid human error in your quoting process. Your customer knows the information in the quote is correct.

4) Consistency across channels: It is imperative that your customers receive the same information whether they’re using your call center, your website or talking to a sales rep. CPQ allows you to ensure a consistent experience regardless of the channel.

A clear, easily understood quote is crucial to winning new business. You must be able to quickly create a professional proposal that incorporates all the relevant information, and then transform it into straightforward language that logically presents the offer. This makes the customer feel confident that you are giving them exactly what they need and allows your organization to move from vendor to trusted partner.

To learn more about building intuitive quotes with Configure, Price, Quote, download the eBook: 5 Ways CPQ Keeps Your Sales Pipeline Moving

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