Get the Greenlight For Your Pricing Projects—Learn How At PPS Dallas

What does Jane Austen’s 1811 novel, Sense and Sensibility, have to do with pricing? Both characteristics are important when it comes to moving your pricing forward, according to Tracy Cannon, PROS Strategic Consultant, who will be presenting “Sense and Cent’s Ability: Getting Pricing Projects Approved With Data and Facts” at the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas.

“In the story, there’s the rational sister, who just knows what’s best for her and who is traditional,” says Tracy. “And then there’s the other sister who is filled with passion and has this new way of thinking—she’s not a traditionalist,” adds Tracy. “You need a bit of both as a pricing practitioner to make your case and break away from the status quo,” she adds, explaining that the one without the other is how many pricing projects gets stalled.

“You have to be able to explain the pain and talk logically about why your current processes aren’t working, with a blend of evidence backed by data to prove your point,” says Tracy. “And you need to become passionate change leader to take your pricing initiative through to the finish line—someone who is willing to stand up and push leadership to break the chains of the status quo.”

As a former pricing practitioner, Tracy is no stranger to the PPS conference. “It’s where I went to learn all things pricing , whether it was to get educated on new software applications, hear other perspectives tactics and strategies, or to gain insight on how to move from cost plus to value-based pricing,” says Tracy. “PPS has been the hub of all things pricing, and I’m really excited to share some learnings and best practices with the crowd I used to be a part of,” she adds.

Attendees of the breakout session will learn how to make the case to get their projects greenlit, including what they need to do to convince their manager that an investment in pricing software is where the organization needs to be headed.

Who should attend her session? “Anyone stuck in the same old way of doing business in the last 20 or 30 years,” says Tracy. “And anyone wanting to make a profound change in the organization or wanting more knowledge of how to effectively communicate the need for change,” she adds.

Headed to the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas?

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