Top 9 Outperform Moments from 2019

As this year comes to a close and plans for 2020 are well in motion, looking back at Outperform 2019 gives us a chance to celebrate some of the best parts of the conference. Check out our attendee-favorite moments from this past May and get registered for Outperform 2020, next year in Orlando, FL. 

1. The Right Time’s a Charm

Daniel Pink at the Outperform 2019 stage
New York Times best-selling author and Outperform 2019 keynote, Daniel Pink, shared outstanding tips on making the best use of one of the most valuable things we own – time. His most talked about takeaway was this breakdown of optimal times to perform specific types of tasks — a lesson we all could use to get the most out of our days!

2. Innovation That Inspires

Innovation Center

Getting your hands on PROS technology with an expert there to help you see your untapped potential — that’s the wonder of the Innovation Center. In 2019, attendees got to demo award-winning PROS solutions that are changing the AI game and helping companies outperform across the globe. This interactive experience was a great chance to get comfortable with the technology and get expert answers to burning questions. 


3. One Media Booth. Lots of Real Conversations

Outperform 2019 conference media booth

A new addition to our Outperform conference this year was our media booth. The booth was a quiet space where attendees and PROS experts could have on-camera discussions about the state of the industry, analyst findings, and loads of other topics that we later published on our site. The return of the media booth in 2020 is something we’re looking forward to! 


4. News You Can Use
Different kinds of AI achieve different outcomes says Michael Wu, Chief AI Strategist at PROS

Outperform is all about giving attendees insights and guidance they can use to … outperform! This means our speakers show up ready to educate and empower. PROS Chief AI Strategist, Dr. Michael Wu, didn’t disappoint with valuable, hard-hitting takeaways for our attendees. Expect to see him hit the stage again in 2020!

5. The Sarah Robb O’Hagan Fan Club
Sarah Robb O'Hagan signing books for her fans


It’s no secret that author and 2019 Outperform keynote Sarah Robb O’Hagan has a way with words. But to say she left the conference with just a few new fans would be an understatement. Sarah’s keynote about developing an “extreme you” made her a speaker to remember that sent attendees straight to twitter to share their favorite gems.

6. Talk Industry to Me
Industry learning session

Sure, we’re all open to learning new things, but the point of Outperform is to give you the tools and resources YOU need to excel in YOUR industry. That’s why our 40+ hyper-focused workshops were packed out at Outperform 2019. Next year, we’re going even deeper with our session topics – addressing more challenges, providing more solutions, and paving your road to digital transformation. 

7. The Perfect Outperform Cocktail

Customer panel at the PROS Outperform 2019 conference

If Outperform were a cocktail, it would call for equal parts expertise from PROS and real-life stories from companies just like yours. This year, we had even more customers from all over the world share the ins and outs of their digital transformation journeys and their learnings along the way.

8. Conference Connections Made Easy
Networking during the PROS Outperform 2019 conference in Las Vegas

Conference networking. It’s the part of the event where you get the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals. But as conferences grow and venue sizes increase, making those meaningful connections can be a challenge. At Outperform 2019, we rolled out a meeting scheduler within the conference app to give attendees the chance to schedule 1:1 meetings with each other. In just a few short days, nearly 200 meetings were booked and held in various parts of the event space. Success? We think so.

9. When in Vegas!PROS band The Profit performing during the Outperform 2019 conference evening event

Last, but not least, party time! When it came to planning our evening events, we had to bring our A-game. Afterall, we were in Vegas! PROS took over the Jewel Nightclub with our employee-led band, The Profit, and awesome Vegas-inspired entertainment. This atmosphere made for two fantastic nights of an upbeat networking environment and chance to unwind for our attendees.

If you joined us for Outperform 2019, thank you for helping make the conference one to remember. It was an amazing opportunity to hear about customer success stories, new challenges, and all your great visions for the future. We look forward to an amazing experience next year, October 6-8 in Orlando, FL. Join us by registering today.

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