Ready for Galvanizing Experiences to Up Your Pricing Game? Join Us at the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas

Every year, we’re thrilled to participate in the PPS Conference—and the upcoming Fall event in Dallas, October 23-26, is not-to-be-missed. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned in our more than three decades of helping businesses navigate their pricing. And with all the amazing things going on with AI, machine learning and dynamic pricing, it’s a pivotal time for pricers. Just ask Charles Sweeney, CPP, Director of Strategic Consulting at PROS, who will be one of the presenters of our pricing workshop, “Establishing the Pillars of Your Price Organization.”

“The evolution of pricing technology has created tremendous opportunities for pricers to impact their organizations in new ways,” says Charles. “By collecting all their best practices around pricing that may have been scattered throughout the field, and scaling it with new technology, savvy companies now are creating powerful pricing command centers that offer far greater speed, efficiency and impact than a decentralized, locally managed model can offer,” he adds.

According to Ben Blaney, Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS, who is co-presenting the workshop with Charles, “Organizations are seeking continuous improvement in their pricing, looking for new ideas for how they should structure pricing within their companies,” he says. “Today, in our hyperconnected, eCommerce world, pricing technology is making it easier to achieve pricing harmonization, with an established set of decision-making criteria and guiding principles,” he explains.

With companies facing growing pricing pressure and heightened negotiation power of customers, the ability to make decisions in a distributed manner provides transparency and reduces the potential for conflict in pricing. This is important for organizations that want to protect the value of their pricing, margins, market and brand.

So, what can you expect from PROS at this year’s conference? “One of the things you’ll get at PROS is a set of experiences to bring back to your organization,” explains Charles. “PROS has helped companies around the world in many different industries, and we love to share those stories,” he says.

And, of course, our solutions will be on display at the PROS booth. “The PROS solutions are really compelling, built for the way pricers think,” says Ben. And Ben and Charles should know—they were both pricing practitioners before joining PROS and are looking forward to sharing their expertise and knowledge with attendees at the conference.

“PROS has a really fresh and interesting perspective on what the optimum pricing organization should look like,” says Ben. “We’re looking forward to exploring this in our pricing workshop and at our booth for pricers who are looking to bring back new ideas to their organization for solving problems and upping their game,” he adds.

Headed to the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas?

Join our workshop, “Establishing the Pillars of Your Price Organization,” on Wednesday, October 24—click here to register!

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