The 2019 Conference for Revenue Management Leaders

RM Analysts, Managers, Directors and Executives: The Outperform Conference is Your Ticket to Elevating Your Revenue Management Game

Outperform is a three-day conference packed with hands-on workshops, presentations, user sessions and networking opportunities with some of the most cutting-edge, forward-thinking Revenue Management leaders in the world.

It’s a chance for you to elevate your game, your career and your expertise through thought-provoking topics, covered by Revenue Management experts from airlines like Cathay Pacific, TAP Air Portugal, Alitalia, Frontier and more.

Connect with your peers and tackle industry-wide challenges with us in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 21-23.

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Here are some of the workshops, presentations and user sessions created specifically for Revenue Management leaders …


Workshops: Arrive early to jump-start your learning.

Airline Workshop
This day-long workshop led by product experts from PROS explores our approach to offer optimization and how the PROS solutions enable you to deliver on that goal.


Breakouts: Sessions focused on your biggest challenges and opportunities, with practical takeaways for your business. Choose from a variety of compelling topics like these ...


Digital Transformation Panel: Are RM and eCommerce Vibrating on the Same Frequency?
Digital Transformation is all around us - but are we all playing on the same team? How are RM and eCommerce teams working together to drive change and push the customer experience? Join several airline experts that span IT, RM, Distribution, and eCommerce as they discuss how airlines are addressing shifting business needs around digital transformation.

Panel: AI and the Future of the Airline Industry Panel: RM for the Future, C-Suite Perspective
Airline revenue management has been at the heart of an airline's operations for decades. As the science evolves and airline's priorities shift, what are leaders of RM looking for next? Join this panel of airline RM leaders, as they discuss how RM departments are shifting due to changes in the travel landscape, new technologies and research, as well as nuances in their unique markets. 

Using AI to Personalize the Offer
All passengers are unique and each one has different needs and preferences when they shop for travel. How do airlines predict travelers' intent and deliver the right product at the right time and price to drive better conversion? AI helps airlines discover patterns and insights and create personalized offers for their customers. Walk through the real-life story on how search insights can fuel a personalized shopping experience that impacts airline ancillary revenue.

The Power of Direct: Traditional Distribution Transformed
Traditional distribution models are outdated. By 2021 according to IATA 45% of reservations will account for the direct channels. The importance of direct distribution is growing, driven by the adoption of NDC and the trend for personalization. Airlines who do not catch up with the latest retail techniques risk falling behind and leaving money on the table. How to bypass legacy technologies limitations, grow share of direct sales and move to the digital era equipped with a seamless shopping experience across channels? Hear it from the frontrunners in NDC.

Panel: AI and the Future of the Airline Industry
Everyone is talking about it. What is it? Is it even real? How does it affect airline revenue optimization and eCommerce? Join airline thought leaders from ATPCO, IATA, and Airlines as they discuss AI initiatives airlines and industry entities may be exploring, what’s real vs what’s hype, and how airlines can better adjust their roadmaps and partner with the right organizations. Moderated by PROS Principal of Product Strategy, Surain Adyanthaya.


User Tracks: Existing customers who use PROS solutions as a part of their day-to-day functions have the opportunity to participate in user-based training sessions. Hear from presenters and panels on role-specific topics designed to help you get the most out of our solutions.


Celebrating 40 Years of Spill, Spoil, and Stifle
What better way to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of deregulation than a discussion on Spill, Spoil, and Stifle?  Join us in this session to learn more about these topics and how to handle them in PROS RM Advantage!

I Now Pronounce You Real-Time Partners... You May Now Exchange Availability Data
You've heard the rumors and they're all true. PROS Real-Time Partner Availability is here and sure to deliver on the promise of improved codeshare availability. 

Special Delivery: Dynamic Prices from PROS
Dynamic prices are here!  Science models have been designed, and RM systems are being implemented to calculate optimal prices.  However, how are airlines expected to get these dynamic prices from the RM systems to their customers?  In this presentation, we will outline a viable method that airlines can use as a model for distributing dynamic prices to their direct and/or NDC-compatible channels.

Too Many Policies and Too Little Time!
Get a first-hand opportunity to learn about the policy landscape of GSO and what you need to do to drive group revenue growth.

Houston, the New Forecast Workflow Has Landed
If time is the new currency get ready to be rich. Join us to learn how the new forecast workflows will enable you to quickly detect, analyze, and adjust to changes in passenger behavior.

It’s Alive! Dynamic Pricing
From the depths of PROS labs comes the latest in Dynamic Pricing science.  In this session, we will showcase the new Artificial Intelligence purpose-built to manage demand in a world without fare classes.

Deploying Shopping and Pricing Solutions That Bring Your Business Strategy to Life
Airlines are grappling with search traffic that is increasing exponentially each year. Just responding to search requests is hard enough. But are you employing the right response strategies? Are all meta search engines the same? Do all channels deserve to know high-quality availability in real time? Join this session to learn how we are deploying solutions that empower airlines to serve up availability and pricing to different channels that fit the right business strategy.

Revenue Optimization: Designing the Revenue Management Organization of the Future
In a world where technology is ubiquitous, where do humans fit in? Join this session to learn about how PROS is working with airlines to design the Revenue Management (cross "Management" out for effect) Optimization organization of the future and bridging the historic divide between RM, Pricing, Sales, Marketing, and Distribution.

Flying High: How an On-Premises World Is Taking Off to the Cloud
Migrating to the Cloud can be a scary proposition, but it can really help an airline take off. Join this session to learn how PROS has successfully migrated customers to the Cloud across our entire product suite. And, learn from other airlines, too, as we demystify the process.

To Retail, or Not to Retail: That Is No Longer the Question
The digital transformation has delivered the ability to upsell/cross-sell at every major touchpoint of the customer journey, yet the majority of airlines have been unable to drive incremental revenue from ancillaries. Learn how to harness the power of PROS Merchandising to create personalized offers that drive conversion.  

Hello Travel Agent, It’s the BLOB. We Know What You Did Last Session
PROS has invested in exciting tools to be able to track and monitor the behavior of agents.  In this session, you will learn how to leverage the RTDP Evaluation and Revenue Integrity Report (a.k.a. the blob) to prevent inventory spoilage and revenue dilution.

RM Advantage Has Been Deployed...Feel Free to Move About the Network
The benefits of O&D/POS control over leg control are proven so what's holding you back?  In this session we will cover why so many airlines benefit from O&D/POS control and what is required to implement PROS RM Advantage, the flagship O&D/POS-based RM system. This session will include an overview of RM Advantage, the change management required, and the revenue benefits of making the leap to network revenue management. 


Need more reasons to attend?

Join our general sessions for inspiring keynotes on the skills and mindset it takes to elevate your thinking and outperform your competition. This year, speakers include Daniel H. Pink, Best-selling Author and Expert on Innovation, Competition, and the Changing World of Work, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Three-time Gold Medal Olympian and Winningest Female Beach Volleyball Player in History, and AI whisperer, Michael Wu, PhD Chief AI Strategist, PROS.

Industry-Focused Sessions and Panels Join one of these intimate group discussions for compelling and insightful dialogue around the hottest trends and challenges facing the top companies in your industry.

  • Chemicals
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics

Unique Networking Experiences With newly expanded breaks for meetups and an appointment scheduling tool to get the right people on your calendar, we’re redefining the networking experience by helping you make the best connections yet.

Las Vegas! Did we mention Outperform will be held at the Aria? Located on the Las Vegas strip, this perfect location gives you access to world-class entertainment, restaurants and nightlife.

Evening Gala and Entertainment You won’t want to miss our evening event on Wednesday. Outperform will be taking over the JEWEL Nightclub at the ARIA. Spanning more than 24,000 square feet of exquisitely designed space, attendees will have exclusive access to one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. In addition to networking, cocktails and dinner, guests will enjoy an evening of entertainment.

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