Using Business Transformation to Realize Your Potential

Sean Cassidy

As companies undertake critical business transformations to improve revenue and profitability, what is often overlooked in the all the numbers is the positive impact these changes can have at the individual and team level.

At Dreamforce last month, several PROS customers from diverse industries including food, medical technology, and construction talked about how major sales and pricing transformation projects have improved their day-to-day work lives and their personal brand.

For Shannon Gregg, Director of Sales Ops at medical technology provider ERT, implementing CPQ has given her invaluable exposure at the highest levels of the organization:

“[The PROS CPQ project] gave me huge executive-level exposure and insight into the executive-level decision making process.”

For Mark Lindstrom, IT Project Manager at Siemens Building Tech, CPQ is helping his team better serve its internal customers:

“[Projects like our PROS CPQ deployment] improve sales’ relationship with the IT organization. We’re getting out of the way and facilitating the agility the sales team needs, which is incredibly motivating to our IT staff.”

For Peter Jackson, Arbitrage Specialist at multi-national dairy collective Fonterra, supply-aware pricing is helping his team better serve both internal stakeholders, and more importantly, the farmers whose product they bring to market.

“[With PROS] I’m building a team that is spending less time in the numbers, and more time with our stakeholders. No more back breaking analysis or presentations trying to convince ourselves what we should or should not be selling.”

To learn more about how smart sales and pricing apps are, check out the full presentation from Dreamforce 15 session below.

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