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Dealing with Demand Fluctuations: COVID-19 Special Edition

With over 30 years of expertise in building AI-based software tools, we’ve gone through downturns like COVID-19 with our customers before. And while this particular crisis has impacted industries worldwide, it has been especially hard for the airline industry. That’s why in the midst of these unprecedented times, we’re more than happy to share guidance and help airlines recover. 

In this webinar, Dealing with Demand Fluctuations: COVID-19 Special Edition, product expert Justin Jander discusses the broad impact to airlines- both leisure and business. He’ll also answer the burning question, What does COVID-19 mean for Revenue Management during this time and as we go through the recovery phase?  

In this On-Demand session, he’ll address:

  • The PROS Revenue Management approach
  • Predicting demand, setting availability, preserving data quality, and monitoring/adjusting forecasts during this time
  • Questions and options to consider, and actions for RM teams as we approach and go through recovery

In partnership with more than 80 worldwide airlines, PROS AI-based software tools have streamlined and optimized processes across revenue management, sales, distribution, shopping and merchandising.

Webinar Slides

You can find the webinar slides here.

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