How to Maximize Revenue and Profitability in Manufacturing

The Executive Brief for Manufacturing provides a quick overview of how manufacturers are leveraging AI-based, dynamic insight, pricing, and selling solutions to achieve growth, maximize revenue and profitability.   

Disruption in Manufacturing 

In today’s digital economy, dealers and clients don’t solely care about the products they are offered — it’s also about the experience that comes with those products. In response, manufacturers must answer their customers and dealers at the right moment, with the right configurations, with accurate information, and through a user-friendly interface.   

To deliver that superior experience, manufacturers of every kind have looked to harness the power of Digital Transformation – the unlocking of the power of AI technology to make business more proactive to customer needs, more agile in response to market changes, and smarter in response to competitors.  

Top 5 Insights in this Executive Brief  

  1. Manufacturers must improve the dealer and client experience 
  2. Transforming the sales process drives growth and profitability 
  3. Digital Transformation initiatives fail due to the continued execution of static strategies 
  4. Artificial Intelligence improves the speed and effectiveness of your processes  
  5. You can achieve an average 1-3% impact on profits, 2-5% impact on win rate, and 20-40% impact on productivity 

Additionally, Learn How PROS Enables Manufacturers to…  

Move with the market, reduce manual overrides, eliminate white space, win with optimized pricing, empower sales with pricing guidance, improve pricing processes, streamline complex configurations, deliver quotes faster, and reduce error rates.

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