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Applying Data Science to Pricing to Achieve Growth

HP, Inc.’s focus on innovation is a value that delivers exceptional, innovative products but also extends across the organization that improves and repositions its pricing analytic capability within sales. In this session, Deepak Bhootra, Director, Worldwide Sales Operations, shares how HP, Inc. has learned from previous mistakes and improved how it uses analytic capabilities to improve margins and turnaround time for pricing to partners and customers. Deepak also shares tactical advice for teams on the journey to pricing transformation.

About the Speaker: Deepak is the world-wide Director for HP Incorporated’s Configuration, Pricing and Quoting capabilities based out of Houston. He has two decades of diversified experience in sales, pre-sales consulting, sales strategy, sales operations and analytics. He has a unique nomadic gene mutation that ‘compelled’ him to live across the globe (India, Trinidad & Tobago, Libya, South Africa, Singapore and USA) but also gave him the ‘courage’ to garner four degrees (B. Comm., MBA, MS Industrial Engineering and Doctorate in Bus Admin) from four different continents.

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