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Panel: AI and the Future of the Airline Industry

Everyone is talking about it. What is it? Is it even real? How does it affect airline revenue optimization and eCommerce? Join airline thought leaders from ATPCO, IATA, and Atmosphere Research as they discuss AI initiatives, what’s real vs. what’s hype, and how airlines can better adjust their roadmaps and partner with the right organizations. 

About the Moderator: 

Surain Adyanthaya, Principal of Product Strategy at PROS. Surain Adyanthaya is responsible for the strategy of PROS airline software products. He has worked closely with various clients in multiple industries in the development of revenue management solutions that address their business needs. Since joining PROS in April 1993, Mr. Adyanthaya has served in numerous positions in product development and strategic business planning; including serving as Senior Vice President Strategic Business Development, where he was responsible for pursuing business opportunities in new industries and fostering strategic alliances. He has also served as Senior Vice President Software Development, responsible for the development of all software products at PROS. He has presented revenue management concepts and strategies at global industry conferences, and has published revenue management articles in widely distributed trade journals. Mr. Adyanthaya received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (highest honors) from the University of Houston and a Master of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University.

About the Panelists: 

Karl Isler, Managing Partner, Karl Isler Consulting GmbH. Karl Isler is a freelance consultant on pricing, revenue management and distribution. While at Swiss International Air Lines, he developed the concepts for the integrated O&D pricing and inventory control strategy. He is author of several articles dealing with dynamic pricing and airline revenue management. He received his Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Physics from ETH Zurich. Before joining Swiss Air in 1993, he was a post-doctoral research fellow in particle physics and quantum field theory at the universities of Montréal and Utrecht.

Thomas Gregorson, Chief Strategy Officer, ATPCO. Tom joined ATPCO in 1996. He has been working to develop the products that enhance the travel industry for more than 25 years. Tom has gained insight and provided leadership through his various roles at airlines, global distribution systems, and with ATPCO. In his current role, Tom leads the Products & Solutions division, and has oversight over the Collection/Fare Management, Distribution, and Revenue Accounting product portfolios at ATPCO, as well as being responsible for all business R&D activities. Tom’s division is responsible for identifying product strategy and new business ventures, developing product enhancements, and launching new products. Coming to ATPCO as part of the company's product marketing and development team, Tom has built a reputation for being a thought leader and implementer of industry solutions in the distribution space.

Henry Harteveldt, President, Atmosphere Research Group. Henry Harteveldt, one of the travel industry’s most respected analysts, is President of Atmosphere Research Group, the San Francisco, CA-based independent, objective travel industry strategic market research and advisory firm. Henry started Atmosphere in September 2011, following a nearly-12 year career as Forrester Research’s global head of travel research. As a result of his extensive industry experience and thought leadership, Henry also chairs the 2019 Global Aviation Summit Digital Distribution Advisory Board. Before becoming an analyst, Henry spent more than 15 years in marketing, product, planning, and distribution roles at travel firms such as Continental Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Management Company, GetThere, and CKS Partners. Henry is regularly quoted in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, and appears on CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. Henry is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Business in New Orleans, LA. Henry shares his industry insights in LinkedIn and Twitter (@hharteveldt).

Tom Bacon, Consultant, Revenue Optimization. Tom Bacon is an independent airline consultant and is known as an industry thought leader in revenue management and travel merchandising.  Over three decades, Tom worked as a commercial executive for multiple airlines, including American Airlines, Mesa Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.  He has a long track record of applying quantitative business analytics to pricing, marketing, and strategy development.  As an independent consultant he has helped launch multiple travel start-ups, has led audits of revenue management processes at multiple international airlines, and has participated in strategic analyses and restructurings for large legacy airlines, low cost carriers, and troubled international airlines.   Prior to launching his consulting business, as head of revenue management and planning at Frontier Airlines, he quadrupled ancillary revenue and helped launch the first branded fares in the U.S.

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