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Panel: Digital Transformation — Are RM and eCommerce Vibrating on the Same Frequency?

Digital transformation is all around us, but are we all playing on the same team? How are RM and eCommerce teams working together to drive change and push the customer experience? Join several airline experts representing the areas of IT, RM, Distribution, and eCommerce as they discuss how airlines are addressing shifting business needs around digital transformation. 

About the Moderator: Moderated by Aaron Hynes, Managing Partner & co-founder of Hynes & Khater, LLC. Aaron Hynes is Managing Partner at Hynes & Khater where he brings a wealth of unique experience applying technology to drive successful outcomes with quality solutions through consulting, software development, and platform solutions that enable a world of possibilities. Over an 18-year career at Continental and United Airlines delivering solutions that unlocked impactful business transformations across Commercial, Operations, and Enterprise portfolios there is a wealth of experience to draw from in delivering meaningful insights for today’s challenges. Always keeping an eye towards anticipating tomorrow with a practical, sustainable application of delivering results for today has helped Hynes & Khater grow and bring exciting solutions to our clients around the world.

About the Panelists: Rosario Phillips is the Revenue Management Director at LATAM. Rosario leads the Revenue Management Analytics, Processes and Support teams at LATAM Airlines Group. Rosario has 15+ years of experience in the Airline Industry and has served at LATAM in several roles in Revenue Management Strategy, Sales, Network Planning  and others. She has also worked for Amazon and other ecommerce companies in Europe and South America.

Richard Cléaz was appointed to the position of Director, Revenue Optimization in June 2016, with overall responsibilities for Air Canada’s Revenue Management systems calibration, science and innovations, including forecasting, network optimization, availability optimization, revenue integrity, training and best practices, to support the airline’s business objectives and continued drive towards sustained profitability and accelerated revenue growth. Richard started his career at Air Canada in 2005 when he joined the Domestic Revenue Management team as Flight Revenue Analyst. He subsequently joined the Network Analysis team, focusing on pricing optimization, availability control and the development of the revenue management road map. In 2012, he created the Revenue Management Science team, and led the business implementation of the current O&D Revenue Management system. Richard holds an Engineering degree in Aeronautics from Ecole Centrale de Paris and a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, where he completed a thesis on Revenue Management.

Siva Arunachalam is the Senior Manager Operations Research, Revenue Management at Etihad Airways. Siva began his career in 2009 with Etihad Airways and has grown through the ranks in the revenue management division as an expert in solving problems, finding innovative and incremental revenue generating solutions and leading diverse cultural teams to perform at their greater potential. He holds a Masters degree in Operations Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has majored in Statistics during his under graduation. His other interests are Sky diving, Marshalling in Formula 1 races and Mountaineering. His recent Mountaineering expeditions include Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest base camp.

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