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The DNA of a Performance-Driven Sales Organization

B2B Selling has traditionally been conducted via a relationship between a buyer and a direct or an indirect sales representative of the company. But the world of selling is evolving, and the advent of digital platforms has changed the way in which buyers interact with sellers. In part one of this two-part session, we discuss the challenges that are facing today’s sales team and why it seems harder to win.

About the Speaker: CSO Insights, the independent research arm of Miller Heiman Group, is dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of B2B sales organizations around the world. As Chief Research Officer, Seleste Lunsford defines CSO Insights’ research agenda, leads the industry-elite analyst team and oversees the creation of research output and client advisory services. Seleste works directly with the research team to develop original studies correlating sales trends and practices with operational results. She regularly shares CSO Insights findings with client executive teams, industry conference attendees and the market-at-large, working in over 20 countries. Her specialty areas are sales process, sales enablement and sales talent. Seleste has been a leader in the sales performance industry for over 20 years, holding executive roles in Professional Services, Product Development and Operations. 

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