Optimizing Margins and the Omnichannel Customer Experience in the Food Industry

Growth in a Challenging Market

Food and ingredient manufacturers, distributors, and service operators are looking to digitally transform to achieve their number one priority — revenue growth. At its core, digital transformation is the unlocking of the power of digital technology to make business more proactive to customer needs and more agile in response to market changes. Ultimately, it gives companies the ability to deliver the superior customer experience that drives revenue growth. While many food companies are attempting to “catch up” by adopting digital tools, many are not properly leveraging data, artificial intelligence, dynamic pricing, process redesign, or other methods to improve growth. 

For successful digital transformation, food companies need to make the right digital investments, concentrating on growth by transforming their end-to-end sales process. 

 Top 5 Insights in this Executive Brief  

  1. Food companies’ growth goals continually get more aggressive 
  2. To grow in a challenging market, customers must come first 
  3. Transforming the sales process drives growth and profitability 
  4. AI enables a frictionless and personalized customer experience 
  5. You can achieve an average of 1-5% revenue increase and 2-10% margin increase 

Additionally, Learn How PROS Enables Food Companies to…  

Evaluate effectiveness, anticipate market movements, increase average order size, optimize margins and discounts, simplify pricing governance, execute pricing strategy, price effectively online, deliver quotes faster, and improve internal processes.

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