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How to Increase Margins and Profitability in Distribution

Read the Executive Brief for Distribution and learn more about how distributors leverage AI-based, pricing and selling solutions in order to increase margins and profitably.

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The Executive Brief for Distribution provides a quick overview of how distributors are leveraging AI-based, dynamic insight, pricing, and selling solutions to improve margins and drive top-line growth.   

Disruption in Distribution 

Distributors are facing a sea of change, with most acknowledging it’s a long and difficult path to digitally transform. It is vital for distributors to unlock the power of digital technology and be more proactive in meeting their customer needs, more agile in response to competitors, and more capable in delivering a superior customer experience.  

Top 5 Insights in this Executive Brief  

  1. Increase margins by an average of 200-300 basis points 
  2. Achieve an average of 80% reduction in manual overrides 
  3. Grow your top line 
  4. Improve the customer experience 
  5. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your end-to-end selling process 

Additionally, Learn How PROS Enables Distributors to…  

Solve margin leakage, move with the market, prevent customer churn, reduce manual overrides, optimize pricing, elevate sales confidence, price effectively online, deliver quotes faster, and improve internal processes.

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