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Digital Transformation Through Commercial Excellence

Between global pandemics, oil-price fluctuations, supply chain disruption, unprecedented spikes in supply and demand, trade wars, and tariffs, businesses can’t seem to catch a break! With so much to consider, what should you be doing today to compete in the emerging ‘new normal’? Hear experts’ perspectives on what businesses should do as they navigate this crisis and prepare for the new ‘digital’ normal. They will also provide practical advice and guidance on commercial responsiveness, digital transformation, strategic pricing, digital multi-channel selling, and driving true value.

What You’ll Learn:

• An understanding of the new normal for manufacturers and the importance of accelerating digital transformation

• How to gain real value in today’s volatile market and improve selling in the digital context

• Increasing revenue while improving customer experience

• Examples of how manufacturers and distributors have transformed their end-to-end sales process with dynamic pricing and AI-powered insight

About the Speakers

Baptiste Michel
Manager, Monitor Deloitte

Baptiste Michel is a Senior Consultant at Monitor Deloitte who gained international exposure through work experience in Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle-East. He is part of the Commercial Excellence team and focuses on top-line growth-related missions (e.g., pricing & profitability management), leveraging financial modeling and data analytics & visualization.  

Valerie Howard
Solution Strategy Director, PROS

 Valerie Howard manages the go-to-market strategy for the PROS pricing solution portfolio. As a former user and product manager of PROS solutions, she has firsthand experience in the transformative benefits and competitive advantages that can be realized through pricing technology.

Richard Blatcher
Director, Industry Marketing & Business Intelligence, PROS

Richard Blatcher has over 30 years’ experience in the industry originally based in Europe moving to the US in 2010. He spent the first part of his career in media, publishing, and direct marketing managing the delivery of marketing and sales enablement services to many manufacturing and distribution blue-chip enterprises.

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