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As you work to realign your pricing and selling strategies in today’s unprecedented times, we’ve created a one-stop resource hub to give your teams:

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Winning In The New Normal: Why Pricing Is Key

In this PPS webinar, PROS Chief Visionary Officer Craig Zawada will show us that the way in which businesses respond to the recent global disruption is separating winners from losers – and most importantly how you can prepare your business to be one of the winners.

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Listen to our pricing experts for this special on demand Q&A series, featuring Craig Zawada, Chief Visionary Officer, Bill Dudziak, Lead Strategic Consultant, and Josh Bardell, Lead Strategic Consultant.

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Previous economic downturns have shown us that together, we can overcome any crisis.

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Craig Zawada

Sales Growth and Pricing Strategy Expert

Joshua Bardell

Lead Strategic Consultant

William (Bill) Dudziak

Lead Strategic Consultant

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