12 Tech Leaders Discuss the Most Intriguing Applications of Human Augmentation

Forbes Technology Council,

Human augmentation technology offers vast potential for many different industries. These developments combine medicine and technology to increase the capabilities of the human body. However, those outside the tech industry may not even be aware of how much augmentation can enhance our daily lives.

To shed some light on the latest developments, we asked members of Forbes Technology Council what the most intriguing piece of human augmentation tech is they’ve seen so far. Their best responses are below.

4. Digital Sales Interaction Analysis

Augmentation tech aimed at offering real-time analysis to sales teams of how conversations and interactions are moving is particularly intriguing. Especially as we move to more and more digital selling, helping a remote salesperson replace the usual body language signals with analysis of telephone conversations and email exchanges could be hugely impactful. – Geoff Webb, PROS

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