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PROS Introduces Rebate Optimizer™ to Manage Rebates, Drive Sales Growth

HOUSTON, March 13, 2012 – PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a world leader in pricing and revenue management software, today introduced a new product as the company’s latest software innovation. Based on requests from its B2B customers – and continuing its strategy to help companies manage all profitability levers – PROS Rebate Optimizer™ helps organizations centralize and manage rebate programs directly from their enterprise pricing system.

With this new product, companies are equipped with a more complete sales intelligence solution to support smarter B2B deal negotiations. Armed with a comprehensive view of how rebates impact each deal, sales teams can win business at more profitable levels and grow customer wallet share.

“Organizations develop rebate programs to drive more business and greater volumes, and are an important component in a company’s sales and profitability strategy,” said PROS Senior Vice President, Products, Oscar Moreno. “Business leaders want to be certain these customer incentives are driving optimal results; more often than not, they lack transparency to measure their success. Now, with PROS Rebate Optimizer, rebate managers and sales teams are able to collaborate to increase profitability and ensure their success.”

“High-performing companies embrace the power of collaborative tools, where data transparency and ease of communication between different groups leads to better business decisions,” said PROS President and CEO Andres Reiner. “Rebates, pricing and sales negotiations are prime targets for improving social collaboration inside the enterprise, and our new solution aligns marketing, pricing and sales to help win business more profitability.”

In addition to PROS Rebate Optimizer, the PROS solution suite includes PROS Scientific Analytics™, PROS Price Optimizer™ and PROS Deal Optimizer™. The four software solutions work together to support an organization’s pricing lifecycle, from identifying pricing opportunities, to optimizing and executing pricing strategies and guiding sales quotes.

PROS annually spends more than 25 percent of its revenue on innovation. PROS Rebate Optimizer provides customers with a range of innovations:


  • Rebate transparency illuminates customer profitability, optimizes sales growth: In many organizations, business leaders are unable to capture a complete picture of customer and product profitability, particularly as it relates to rebate programs. With PROS Rebate Optimizer, leaders gain a transparent view of rebate performance, including the sales volumes driven by their programs. With this knowledge, companies are able to modify rebate programs to drive desired results.
  • Rebate insights equip sales teams in advance of negotiations: Sales professionals often conduct negotiations without a complete view of rebates, which can adversely affect the profitability of each transaction. With PROS Rebate Optimizer, sales teams negotiate with confidence, aided by a view of rebate elements before negotiations begin. This sales intelligence solution allows the sales team to serve customers more quickly and with better precision, knowing how and when to structure rebates.
  • Companies create, track and manage rebate programs more easily: Most companies rely on spreadsheets, ad-hoc processes and email communications to create and approve rebates, with no ability to audit or document prior decisions or approvals. With PROS Rebate Optimizer, rebate managers can easily create and execute complex rebate structures that include multiple pricing levels and channels within a single instance. Collaborating with their sales team, rebate managers can also analyze the profitability and revenue impact of rebates on deals – prior to negotiations – to drive or protect margins. Rebate managers can centralize rebates in a single repository, which makes it possible to track and audit past decisions and approvals for compliance purposes.



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