Isaacson has more than 25 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, ranging from branding, advertising, corporate communications and product marketing on a global scale. As CMO for Demandbase, he is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution, including product, corporate and field marketing. Prior to joining Demandbase, he was CMO at Castlight Health. 

Our strategic focus for 2018 is to advance the ABM conversation: As more and more CMOs are moving beyond the question of “why ABM” to “how can we do ABM better,” it will be important to offer more education and new tools and technology to support those needs.

Connect the data, in today’s marketing world, we have a huge amount of data at our disposal, which continues to grow exponentially, but our ability to wrap our heads around that data doesn’t keep pace. We’ll need to find better ways to connect and ingest all that data to create meaningful insights so we can take action.

Automate more marketing activity. Once we can connect all that data into insights, we’ll need to turn those insights into automated action and use specific actions as triggers for a marketing activity. Instead of relying on a step that requires human intervention, we’ll want to have automatic triggers that initiate advertising, website personalization or sales activity.