CRM Watchlist 2020: And the Winners Are…

Paul Greenberg,

The CRM Watchlist 2020 versus 2019
This year as the questionnaire makes clear, privacy and corporate social responsibility — aka philanthropy or community participation — makes a lot more of a difference than it ever had. They weren’t questions or parts of questions last year. This year they are. Also, customer success and the organized programs around it (and their KPIs – big and important part) are additions to the effort.

These changes are all playing a much bigger part in gaining and retaining customer trust, which is why they are now standing out in the crowd rather than either a part of the crowd or not even in the crowd – as they were in the past.

Highest Score in a Category

6. Customers (covers how they work with customers and what customers think of them – outside research comes into play here most heavily) – PROS

And the CRM Watchlist 2020 Winners Are…



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