Datanami: PROS Launches Big Data Solution to Help Companies Drive Sales Growth

HOUSTON, Tex., July 25 — PROS, a big data software company, today announced PROS Step, the company’s latest big data application innovation designed to help companies meet sales targets and outperform in their markets. Step provides mid-size companies with pricing and selling recommendations, powered by data science, in a cloud-based, self-service model that’s easy to set up and use. In just minutes, Step replaces days or months of manual processes for setting prices and identifying new opportunities, with data science and automation that can lead to immediate sales results, and help sales teams achieve their quotas more confidently.

Step is the latest addition to PROS portfolio of SaaS offerings for mid-size companies, complementing its PROS Quote2Win solution for deal quoting. Step and Quote2Win are a part of PROS strategy for achieving long-term, sustainable growth in the market through innovation and product leadership.

Step and its patent-pending technology incorporate data science and advanced segmentation that allows companies to tailor their pricing and selling strategies to each customer’s unique buying preferences. Companies simply upload their spreadsheets, and Step quickly analyzes the data to uncover the greatest revenue opportunities, arming sales with optimized price guidance to confidently win business.

“Step is another milestone in PROS long-standing history of innovation in big data science and technology,” said PROS Senior Vice President, Products, Oscar Moreno. “Companies that leverage real-time automated data science for better pricing and selling decisions can outperform their competitors with greater pricing accuracy, greater sales confidence and greater agility. We are pleased to extend these benefits to a broader market through a multi-tenant, cloud-based solution tailored to the needs of mid-size companies.”

“We’re a world-class, global manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, in operation since 1908, and we ship our products in every market and industry all over the globe,” said Brian Stark, General Manager of Alliance Laundry Systems’ Ripon Service Parts Center. “We stock more than 20,000 parts, and we were looking for a system that provides not only a time savings in segmenting our inventory by part types, but also one that is easy-to-use for pricing and selling recommendations. We conducted extensive testing on PROS Step and found it met our requirements across the board. Step will help us speed the process of providing pricing information to our customers.”


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