Docurated: 48 Amazing Sales Analytics Tools

July 15, 2014-

By Cóbhan Phillipson

Data is everywhere. Are you using it to your full advantage? If you’re not tapping into the power of data to fuel your sales processes, you might be missing the boat. Not just missing the boat, actually – the boat is literally sailing away while you wave from the shore. There are dozens of sales analytics tools with predictive analytics capabilities, forecasting tools, deep data analysis displayed in gorgeous visualizations, and so much more.

We took a look around the sales analytics tools landscape and rounded up 48 of the most sophisticated, impressive tools we could find. Why? Well, we know that sales is a primary driver for your business. And we want to help you do it better. So whether you need to conduct some competitive benchmarking analysis, refine your messaging, target your audience with greater precision or just generally kick ass all the way around, these tools can help you get it done.

21. PROS

PROS big data analytics software will help your reps focus on opportunities what will close, products that will sell, and prices that will win. With PROS Scientific Analytics for Sales, you will be able to take advantage of using market-leading data science to increase sales growth by revealing hidden opportunities, increasing discount discipline, and driving consistency across your organization.

Key Features:

  • Segments customers at a highly granular level
  • Shows reps what actions are going to drive sales growth, from driving more profitable product mixes to identifying customer attrition before it occurs
  • Interactive dashboards and reports
  • Access reports and recommendations in seconds with easy-to-use, smart analyses
  • Share valuable analytics insights quickly and easily to encourage collaborative decision making
  • Get personalized outputs based on your business PIs without the need for analytics expertise (guided analytics)

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