Lufthansa Extends PROS Portfolio with Implementation of O&D Network Optimizer

HOUSTON, March 28, 2011 – PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:PRO), the world leader in pricing and revenue management software, today announced that Deutsche Lufthansa AG has completed the cutover of PROS Origin & Destination Network Hybrid Optimizer. The implementation of this solution is the latest in a series of products the global airline giant has leveraged through its long-term relationship with PROS.

The PROS O&D Network Hybrid Optimizer – a module of PROS Origin & Destination Solutions – provides Lufthansa with highly configurable tools that offer significant incremental revenue benefits over traditional leg/segment solutions. Lufthansa can now manage customers based on where they want to fly, rather than the way the airline flies its routes.

“Throughout our 23-year partnership with PROS, we’ve looked to the company for products and solutions that enhance our global operations,” said Lufthansa CIO Dr. Christoph Klingenberg. “Our goal at Lufthansa is to provide world-class customer experiences, and it’s the strategic systems and solutions in our backend operations that make this possible. The PROS O&D Network Hybrid Optimizer provides significant added value. We will continue to look to PROS for additional capabilities, including its PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing suite.”

“Our technologies and solutions power airlines around the world, providing strategic enablers for their operations,” said PROS Senior Vice President of Professional Services Pete Kiernan. “PROS has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Lufthansa, and our commitment is to provide them with the prescriptive products and solutions they require to deliver world-class customer experience. They are an important and valuable partner, and we appreciate not only the length of our relationship, but also their support, as we work to enhance and develop next-generation products and solutions that support their international operations.”