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PROS Enhances Cloud Solutions with New Prescriptive Insights to Drive Frictionless Buying and Selling Experiences

PROS cloud applications provide customers with greater accessibility, easy-to-consume capabilities, faster time to value

HOUSTON, June 1, 2016 – PROS® (NYSE: PRO), the revenue and profit realization company, today announced the Spring ’16 release of its cloud solutions for pricing and selling – PricingPRO and SellingPRO – with innovations that accelerate sales, and expand and sustain profitability. New capabilities include an intuitive and powerful CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) command center, data science-driven contract and renewal management, and simple one-click configurations, which provide companies with even greater opportunities to realize their revenue and profit potential.

With its cloud-based solutions, PROS has made it easier than ever for companies to realize value and ROI from their PROS investment. Companies can start with a specific edition or solution that addresses their most acute business challenges today, buying what they need now and adding more capabilities as their business requirements evolve.

“Intense global competition, unprecedented market volatility and rising costs are putting pressure on companies to simultaneously drive top-line and bottom-line results,” said PROS Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Schneidau. “We’re revolutionizing the way companies use data science to deliver prescriptive guidance, simplifying how they price, quote, negotiate and renew deals, and improving the customer buying experience. PROS solutions are designed to help customers generate meaningful revenue growth, and expand and sustain profitability, so they can realize their revenue and profit potential.”

Business leaders are looking for new ways to simultaneously impact top- and bottom-line financial results. The SellingPRO data science-driven guidance provides customers with comprehensive quoting, configuration and eCommerce capabilities.

Sales teams can convert more of the right deals at the right price, with greater speed, accuracy and scale. Combined with PROS prescriptive guidance, sales teams gain actionable insights to make confident pricing and offer decisions, close deals with speed and accuracy, and can maximize revenue and profitability.

Smart CPQ edition: Turns CRM into a revenue and profit engine

  • New Designer command center: The new Smart CPQ Designer revolutionizes the ease of set-up and maintenance for product or sales managers to easily configure, quote and close deals. These innovations make it even simpler for business users – not IT programmers – to speed the time-to-market, launch new offers, and easily make pricing and configuration updates based on sales and market feedback.
  • Fast configuration: Instead of needlessly searching through thousands of configuration options, PROS data science now provides reps with prescriptive sales guidance to quickly create optimized configurations with a single click and create personalized solutions for their customers.
  • Contract generation to renewal: The best sales people know that customers’ needs change over time, which requires contract amendments and renewals personalized as they evolve. During the customer lifecycle, companies often require additional products and expanded services. Smart CPQ now automates contract creation details in the native contract object, which generates a record of the products and services they have purchased. From that starting point, sales reps can change and expand the offerings during the agreement term. Each contract amendment is compared with the previous version, and tracks additions, changes and deletions. When renewal time approaches, Smart CPQ proactively initiates the renewal quoting process, and ensures the new offer is based on the most recent amendment.
  • Auto-identify configuration incompatibilities and prescriptively recommend alternatives: With PROS powerful constraints-based engine, Smart CPQ now provides sales teams with real-time configuration adjustments when it identifies incompatible products or services in a quote. If sales reps select incompatible items, Smart CPQ will immediately identify all components that require changes, along with recommended alternatives. With a single click, reps can make changes, update the entire configuration and immediately complete the quote.

Deal Desk edition: Quickly analyzes and manages complex deal approvals with data-driven insights

  • Simplified line-item editing: Centralized deal desks are tasked with ensuring that sales teams meet revenue and profit targets. They’re making critical pricing and profit decisions – and reviewing complex deals with hundreds or thousands of lines – while working to meet the tight turn-around needs of their sales teams. PROS Deal Desk edition now enables companies to confidently make deal-level pricing changes to thousands of line items and ensure sales teams are selling profitably, with the best, most current pricing information for each product or service on a quote or contract.
  • Deal queue: Instead of wading through stacks of incoming deals, deal desk analysts can use PROS to highlight high-priority transactions that require their immediate attention, enabling them to quickly respond to the most important opportunities first.

Today’s business complexity requires finance and marketing executives to evaluate new avenues to grow revenue and profits. These leaders are looking for visibility and control over pricing, better pricing governance and actionable intelligence, which enables them to consistently realize more revenue and profit.

PricingPRO delivers better insights into pricing practices to help companies expand and sustain profitability. It enhances pricing execution controls and provides sales teams with prescriptive data science-driven pricing recommendations.

Control edition: The single source for pricing truth

  • Accurate and accelerated price execution: New features enable companies to calculate and publish prices even faster. Organizations can set future pricing for SKUs and configured products using forward-looking costs and market variables. Companies can calculate new prices faster with the ability to instantly copy and replace items used for pricing calculations.
  • Simplify and accelerate approval workflows: Several new capabilities further simplify approval workflows and expedite pricing approvals. A new graphical user interface simplifies creation and maintenance of pricing approval workflows, maintains easy identification of products that need to be priced together, and evaluates new pricing recommendations by sharing the same information with both analysts and approvers.

To learn more about PricingPRO and SellingPRO, visit the website. Click here to see a SellingPRO demo video, or here to see a PricingPRO demo video.  Visit PROS Twitter handle at @PROS_Inc to learn more about the company’s products and services.

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PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a revenue and profit realization company that helps B2B and B2C customers realize their potential through the blend of simplicity and data science. PROS offers cloud solutions to help accelerate sales, formulate winning pricing strategies and align product, demand and availability. PROS revenue and profit realization solutions are designed to allow customers to experience meaningful revenue growth, sustained profitability and modernized business processes. To learn more, visit

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