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PROS Launches Cloud-Based Pricing, Quoting Solutions for Mid-Market Companies on

PROS Price2Profit™, PROS Quote2Win™ Bring Pricing Power to Mid-Market

May 3, 2011 – Designed to help customers improve business agility and increase customer responsiveness in highly competitive markets, the PROS solutions directly integrate with the existing workflows found in Companies can maximize their CRM investment, giving pricing and sales professionals direct access to new insights that empower them to set and transact the optimized prices for every sale. With robust pricing information now at their fingertips, sales professionals gain confidence, which maximizes deal closures.

“Companies can no longer ignore strategic pricing as a fundamental driver of success,” said PROS Chief Marketing Officer Tim Girgenti. “With today’s rapidly changing marketplace and more sophisticated buyers, mid-market enterprises face the same challenges as enterprise organizations. Intense competitive pressure – and volatility in commodities and raw materials – underscore why pricing power is even more critical to mid-market companies. PROS combines the familiarity of with prescriptive pricing technology to help mid-market companies improve revenue and profitability, defend and grow market share, and improve business agility.”

Channel Partner Marketing

PROS will market the new mid-market solutions through channel partners. For its cloud launch, the company has partnered with iServiceGlobe to resell and support PROS Price2Profit™ and PROS Quote2Win™. iServiceGlobe offers vast experience in building pricing applications for customers using various CRM platforms. In particular, they bring a full working knowledge of the platform.

“As a CRM solutions company, we regularly evaluate pricing products and services that add business advantages for our clients,” said iServiceGlobe CEO Srini Katta. “We have searched for a mid-market pricing solution and, for the first time, found the answer with PROS. Our customers have made significant investments in, so they’ll appreciate the PROS solution developed on a platform they know and use. Both Price2Profit and Quote2Win improve the girth of our offerings and will quickly provide value to our clients.”

Solutions Overview

PROS Price2Profit
This native application integrates PROS pricing best practices directly within to empower customers to set the right price for every product and every account — every time. Customers can manage and target prices, promotions and sales guidance to enjoy all the benefits of pricing excellence, while maximizing the profitability of every product over its entire lifecycle.

PROS Price2Profit eliminates pricing risks and maximizes the profitability of product portfolios through the use of advanced pricing capabilities, including customizable pricing templates, standard formulas, guidance and guardrails, all available directly within the environment.

  • Streamlines approval workflows and manages all pricing-related decisions together
  • Targets and takes advantage of product categories and customer purchase patterns
  • Uses best-practices pricing methods to determine the right price every time
  • Calculates prices using standard formulas based on PROS extensive experience and best practices

PROS Quote2Win
This native application integrates PROS pricing best practices directly within the existing quoting workflows to empower salespeople to quote the right price for every customer and every product — every time. With Quote2Win, users now have the power of sales guidance, faster quoting and approvals, with tools that reduce pricing risks and maximize the profitability of each sales opportunity.

With Quote2Win, customers can take advantage of all the standard price-quoting features included in the CRM application, plus powerful new functionality that delivers positive results straight to the bottom line. Quote2Win optimizes the profitability of every transaction by providing targeted price guidance that helps sales professionals make better decisions every time.

  • Identifies the right account-targeted price every time
  • Provides sales guidance with pricing and discounting guardrails
  • Aligns sales efforts with company goals to define quality scores

To learn more about the new PROS cloud-based solution, visit the website at



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