PROS Mike Slone on Helping Airlines Develop Alternative Revenue Streams During COVID-19

David Kaplan,

“The survey itself was meant to have a narrow focus. The goal was to formulate ideas on how to help airlines generate cash today. But now that I’ve had the survey up for a while and gotten some good feedback, which is now over 200 people as of Wednesday morning, I think I’ll expand it into additional questions and keep it going. A lot of people have time to talk right now and it’s good to collaborate with others in the travel industry. This research is also going to factor back into the IATA Think Tank ,” says PROS VP, Principal for Travel Retail Mike Slone.

In series of social media posts from LinkedIn to Medium, PROS’ Mike Slone has been sharing an evolving survey designed to give the airline industry some degree of clarity about future demand as the prospect of a global population lockdown looms.

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