Sales Enablement: A New Role for Sellers

By Phil Britt | CRM Magazine

Sales People Need Insightful Technologies

By examining the prospect’s previous interactions, sales reps gain insight into what the potential customer might already know about the product or service, how far down the sales funnel the customer actually is, and other insights, Gillett says. With this insight, the salesperson can greatly improve his odds of closing the sale.

Salesforce’s research also found that while only 34 percent of sales leaders have intelligent forecasting, 90 percent of them say intelligent forecasting helps them do their jobs more effectively….

“Businesses can utilize sales reps more powerfully by giving them greater access to information and insights that help customers in each stage of the decision process and enabling them to play a consultative role, despite the fact that more buyers are gravitating toward digital channels,” adds Geoff Webb, vice president of product marketing at PROS, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions for digital commerce. “Even though buyers want to be able to make a purchase with one click as easily as they can in their personal lives, they still demand instant access to a human when they have a question.”

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