Supply Chain Trends Will Come and Go, but Innovation Is Forever…

Michelle Mooney,

It’s no surprise that technology trends in the supply chain have drastically changed in response to a volatile manufacturing environment. So how are manufacturers keeping up?

Flexibility from Uncertainty

Adapting to change in uncertain times shows the resiliency of a company and often is a marker if it is able to survive. The medium through which people buy certain things has changed, as physical, non-essential stores, and other businesses close; online shopping has become one of the dominant markers. Not only has the relationship between retailer and consumer transformed, but that of the manufacturer and customer. Valerie Howard, Solutions Strategy Director at PROS agrees, and says that “There has been huge pressure for manufacturers to meet customer demands through digital selling across multiple channels.” She adds that “Entire business models which focused on production of equipment, pre-pandemic, are evolving.”

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