Technology Evaluation Centers: PROS Cameleon CPQ Brings Predictive Pricing to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

March 18, 2015-

By Predrag Jakovljevic

PROS Inc. recently announced the availability of PROS Cameleon CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The offering, with some brand new sales productivity capabilities, is touted as the only enterprise class configure, price, quote (CPQ) product with PROS’ renowned price optimization for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and was showcased at Microsoft Convergence 2015. Guided selling, cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, and pricing guidance aim to help sales teams respond with more targeted personalized offerings for each customer. Data from transaction history and pricing analysis enables fact-based coaching to help build negotiation skills.

As mentioned in our recent PROS-SpringCM alliance story, there is a lot going on in the partner and alliances area at PROS. and Microsoft Dynamics are PROS’ core strategic customer relationship management (CRM) software relationships today, and the vendor will be opportunistic with other solutions (e.g., SAP and Oracle). With about half of the global CRM software market being provided by “other” according to Gartner, another key PROS strategy will be to ensure its products enable quick and easy integration to any enterprise resource planning (ERP)-CRM environment.


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