Wise Consultants and Agile Thinkers: Predictions for the New Era of B2B Selling

Geoff Webb,

Consumers have always wanted more control over the sales process, and in the B2B world, it is no different. In 2021 and beyond, self-service will become much more mainstream as organizations make the leap to digital selling to survive the impact of COVID-19. Geoff Webb, vice president of products, PROS, believes salespeople will need to look beyond the sales transaction to provide value to the customer as the B2B selling landscape continues to evolve.

Predicting the future for B2B businesses tends to rely heavily on long, well-established trends that are maturing over time, much like a fine wine. Then along came 2020, and the world was turned on its collective head. Yet there are still trends that, in hindsight, seem almost inevitable – the acceleration of adoption of ecommerce and the preference of B2B buyers to engage through digital means at least as often as face-to-face. So, where is ecommerce headed in 2021? How do business leaders prepare for what will undoubtedly be another year of rapid change, especially as the pandemic is slowly wrestled under control?

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