Diversity & Inclusion

Wired for Inclusion, Powered by the Plural.

Our Perspective

At PROS, we welcome and celebrate diverse perspectives, cultures and experiences. We are truly a ‘people first’ culture where every person is encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work and feel they belong and are valued. Our diversity in thought and action is what makes PROS a special place.

True innovation, ownership and genuine care only comes through inclusion. For more than 35 years, we’ve strived to build one of the most fair, diverse and welcoming talent pools.

Our Promise

As a company, we strive to outperform every day, and we know we can always do more. It’s important our people mirror the rich cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of our global customers. We want those have a business relationship with PROS to see themselves in us.

We continue to build a strong organization of world-wise outperformers of every background. We are committed to retaining people to provide continuity and value to our customers, and build a brilliant community for our people, shareholders and the regions where we work and live around the world.

Diversity by the Numbers

PROS Employee Resource Groups

Created by employees. For employees.

PROS is serious about welcome and warmth and why we created spaces for our people to connect from all walks of life, grow together and build real relationships and community.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are like small family gatherings. Any interested PROS employee is invited and encouraged to join any group. We all benefit from the energy and action of our ERGs.

Our ERGs host a variety of social and educational events throughout the year, including a quarterly ‘Day of Learning,’ or quiet day for personal and professional development company-wide.

Mission: Investing in the development of women at PROS by providing women with opportunities for skill building and leadership in business and technology. BLAZE serves its members with meaningful opportunities for career, talent and community development. The network provides a unified platform to move womens’ challenges forward and addresses them through programs like book clubs, lunch-and-learns, guest lectures, open forums, community outreach and conference participation. BLAZE ensures womens’ voices matter at PROS.

Mission: Dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining Black talent at PROS. Through professional development, the enhancement of cultural awareness and empowering underserved communities, we will transform PROS to reflect the diversity of our customers. EMPOWER seeks to push the needle with regards to providing practical and meaningful opportunities for dialogue, facilitating diversity training and intentionally focusing on diverse recruiting initiatives. EMPOWER operates on five key pillars focused on: recruiting, mentoring, professional development, workshops, community service and networking.

Mission: To serve as a resource PROS; to positively influence the environment; to ensure professional development of its LGBTQIA+ members; and to assist PROS in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan. Any PROS employee is welcome to participate in PRIDE@PROS events – the only letter they need to identify with is the letter A for Ally. The group encourages advocacy within and outside of PROS, attendance at learning sessions, volunteering with organizations near and dear to the LGBTQIA+ community and supporting fellow employees.

Mission: UNIDOS, we are committed to serve as a resource for representation, advancement and inclusion of Hispanics at PROS. UNIDOS members provide a welcoming community to help new Hispanic employees integrate to the overall PROS Culture. We host events throughout the year to promote the sense of familia by helping PROS employees get a better understanding about the Hispanic culture, providing mentorship opportunities, volunteering opportunities in the Hispanic community and by inspiring younger generations to acquire leadership and technology skills.

Mission: YoPROS serves to connect a community of young professionals across the organization with opportunities to foster professional growth, develop leadership skills, and cultivate meaningful relationships at PROS. Created to engage and develop employees who are new to the company, or new to the workforce in general, we aim to provide networking opportunities and connections to diverse groups of peers. YoPROS also seeks to help employees grow their careers by providing development resources such as workshops, lunch-and-learn events, and mentorship programs. Our members have a commitment to making a difference by participating in volunteer outreach projects to drive positive impact within the community. We align with the PROS philosophy of diversity and inclusion and are committed to cultivating a workplace that is reflective of and responsive to all of the communities and customers we serve.

PROS France

Index de l’Egalité Professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes : publication de la note et des résultats obtenus pour chaque indicateur pour la période du 1er janvier au 31 décembre 2023

PROS France totalise un score de 94/100. Bâti autour de 4 indicateurs calculés sur un total de 100 points, l’Index mesure, différentes données en matière d’égalité professionnelle :

écarts de rémunération
40 points sur 40

écarts d’augmentations individuelles 35 points sur 35

Retour de congé maternité
Non applicable
Parité 10 plus hautes 5 points sur 10

Our People-first Culture Drives a Mission of Service and Innovation