The PROS SaaS Advantage

Unlock additional value from your PROS Solutions by migrating to the PROS Cloud!

Making the Shift to Software-as-a-Service

Making the shift to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model offers huge advantages for your company. From faster implementation times, to increased scalability, to greater ROI realized quicker the advantages of SaaS are innumerable. Transitioning to the PROS Cloud will allow your organization to meet the business needs of today while preparing you to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Why Make the Switch to the PROS Cloud?

When you license PROS solutions to deploy on-premises your internal IT team has complete responsibility for the performance, stability, and modernity of your PROS Solution. However, migrating to PROS SaaS solutions frees your internal IT team to work on innovation and value-oriented responsibilities while PROS experts support the necessary infrastructure and the respective applications.


SaaS Benefits

Faster Innovation

  • Seamless and automatic access to enhancements and upgrades to PROS solutions
  • Standardized configuration and best practices
  • PROS handles the stability and performance of the applications ensuring that the application and data are always secure

Access to Easily Expand to Entire PROS Commerce Platform

  • Simple integration with other PROS SaaS offerings as your business grows

Worry-Free Security & Support

  • PROS is responsible to deploy, operate, secure
  • Disaster recovery and capacity management
  • Focus your company resources on other important projects

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Ready to migrate?

If your business has invested in a PROS solution(s) deployed on-prem you may be wondering: “How do we make the transition to PROS SaaS solutions successfully?”
We’ve instituted a robust program – The PROS SaaS Advantage – to help our customers make the transition to the PROS Cloud. From project initiation through deployment you’ll have the support of the PROS team to guide you along the way to ensure a smooth transition.

The PROS Cloud

The PROS cloud is a highly scalable, secure, and integrated platform with the power to transform the sales process in an increasingly digital economy.

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