Trust & Security

Security. Trust. Transparency.
That’s the PROS Promise – and we don’t make it lightly.

Our promise is built on a foundation
of secure technology, best practices,
trained personnel and compliance.

“We believe good security enables us to offer you more services, better solutions, and help your business outperform.”

The PROS Constellation of TRUST

We’ve purpose-built our solutions on platforms designed to be profoundly secure, then hired brilliant minds in security and trust to maintain them. PROS breathes trust because we believe robust security awareness enables us to offer you more services and better solutions – all to help your enterprise outperform.

From product to platform to physical security, PROS applies internationally-recognized security standards and then asks: What else can we do?

Our secure architecture includes access control, multi-factor authentication, encryption and state-of-the-art defenses against cyber-attacks. PROS provides the security and availability features you demand of a mission-critical application:

Security awareness is part of our DNA and each team member is a critical link. PROS has assembled a world-class team to ensure the most advanced, robust safety for your data. Our certifications include:

PROS Information Security for B2B: Secure Solutions You Can Rely On

PROS Attains ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

Demonstrates Commitment, Accountability to SaaS Security; Helps Customers Make Informed Choices

Companies across the globe entrust PROS with their data, and ISO/IEC certification offers assurances to our customers that we are committed to data privacy and safeguarding their commercial assets in compliance with the industry’s most demanding standards and practices. For our customers around the world, ISO certification also underscores that our governance and compliance practices meet the highest international standards of data protection.