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PROS Platform - Travel Spring Release

New Features Unveiled

Welcome to the PROS Platform Travel Spring Release 2024. Here we’ll share a range of new product features designed to enhance your pricing and revenue strategies: from streamlined ancillary offer creation to innovative AI-powered pricing solutions.

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Offer Creation

Dynamic Offers

With PROS Dynamic Offers, airlines can deliver fast and accurate offers across all digital and NDC channels. These products increase conversion, offload your PSS, and reduce distribution costs.

Customers have access to an exclusive webinar where our product experts share the latest cutting-edge solutions for Dynamic Offers that improve user experience and boost revenue.

Watch the Dynamic Offers 2024 Spring Release

Shopping and Pricing

  • Alternative locations in Shopping and Pricing: Searching for the perfect travel destination just got easier with our enhanced Shopping and Pricing feature. Now, within a single search, users can explore alternative locations, including nearby cities. This innovative addition enriches search results by providing users with a broader range of options and increasing customer conversion.

  • Diagnostic Pricing: Say goodbye to the frustration of failed pricing requests with our Diagnostic Pricing feature. By enabling DiagnosticRequest, users can instantly receive detailed diagnostic responses pinpointing the reasons for pricing failures. This streamlined approach simplifies the research process, empowering users with valuable insights into pricing issues.


Re-shopping and Re-pricing

  • Ticketing fee for repricing: New ticketing fees for repricing transactions enhance revenue opportunities for airlines without increasing base prices. By supporting sub-codes T90-99 in ATPCO Record S4, our Repricer now offers automatic application of additional charges for voluntary reissue tickets, augmenting your revenue streams.

Ancillary Merchandising

  • Ancillary Price Simulation: Take control of your revenue stream with proactive testing and validation capabilities, allowing you to simulate the impact of ancillary and rule changes before they go live. By ensuring correct configuration and offer distribution, this feature not only optimizes revenue but also streamlines decision-making processes.
  • Ancillary Bundles Availability: Seamlessly integrate bundled ancillary services into your offerings with Ancillary Bundles Availability. This feature guarantees the availability of bundled services, providing a streamlined customer experience and efficient inventory management. Enhance your merchandising capabilities and better target your customers with personalized bundles.
    ancillary bundles, screenshot
  • Catalogue Techniques: Transform your ancillary catalogue into a revenue powerhouse with Catalogue Techniques. Filter, rank, and promote ancillaries based on predefined rules, creating personalized offerings tailored to your customers' needs.

    Catalogue techniques screenshot
  • Dynamic Ancillary Pricing: Stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered Dynamic Ancillary Pricing. Maximize revenue opportunities by aligning personalized offers with customer preferences, optimizing pricing in real-time. This feature revolutionizes ancillary pricing strategies, ensuring your airline remains competitive in the dynamic marketplace.

    Dynamic ancillary pricing, screenshot

Learn more about Dynamic Offers in the PROS Marketplace.

Offer Optimization

Revenue Management

The latest release of PROS Revenue Management (RM) includes new features designed to enhance forecasting accuracy and streamline decision-making processes. These updates impact additional PROS products: Real-Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP) and Group Sales Optimizer (GSO).

Customers have access to an exclusive webinar where product experts walk through the latest features for RM, RTDP and GSO.

Watch the Revenue Management 2024 Spring Release

Alpha and Lambda Views on Charts for Willingness-to-Pay Forecasts:

New Alpha and Lambda views on charts for Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) Forecasts provide invaluable insights into price elasticity and volume adjustments, allowing analysts to quickly understand forecast dynamics and make informed decisions. With enhanced analysis tools and flexible views, analysts can quickly identify areas where adjustments may be needed, ensuring optimal revenue outcomes.

Influenced curves on Demand Curve

With this new feature, analysts can now see the influenced curve directly on the Demand Screen, providing valuable insights into WTP forecasts and how influences impact the overall forecast. This enhancement provides robust analysis tools, allowing for more informed decision-making and ultimately maximizing revenue potential.

Enhanced Optimizer Alert Capabilities:

The latest Optimizer Alert features empower analysts with even greater control and flexibility. New alert measures, including overbooking and upgrade conditions, have been introduced, enabling analysts to pinpoint flights requiring attention with precision. The ability to filter data and view relevant information for flights meeting alert conditions streamlines workflows, ensuring analysts have a comprehensive understanding of flight conditions for quick action when necessary.

PROS Revenue Management Advantage platform, screenshot

Improved Integration with RTDP for Segment Adjustments:

Analysts can now use enhanced segment adjustment synchronization to seamlessly manage segment adjustments across both RM and RTDP products, ensuring alignment between fare values and ancillary revenues. By synchronizing segment adjustments, airlines can optimize bid prices effectively in RM and maintain correct availability controls in RTDP, leading to improved revenue optimization and operational efficiency.

Integration of Offer Marketing Shopping Data with Revenue Management:

Our initial Proof of Concept (POC) is underway for integrating Offer Marketing Shopping Data with RM. This milestone marks a significant step forward in bridging the gap between pricing and consumer purchasing behavior, allowing for more precise pricing strategies and optimized RM tactics. By leveraging shopping data, we can now close the loop between pricing decisions and actual consumer actions, leading to increased profitability and enhanced revenue management effectiveness.

Learn more about Revenue Management Products in the PROS Marketplace.

Real-time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP)

Negative Transformed Fares to RTDP

Previously, Transformed Fares were calculated with a minimum value of 0 for the UI and transmitted to RTDP accordingly. With this new feature, airlines can now transmit negative Transformed Fares to RTDP, leading to a more accurate reflection of availability and allowing for precise adjustments based on fare values. This enhancement ensures that airlines can optimize pricing strategies effectively, leveraging negative Transformed Fares to make informed decisions and maximize revenue potential.

Group Sales Optimizer (GSO)

Three new updates to our GSO solution empower GSO users with enhanced capabilities for managing group pricing and ticketing processes.

Assign an Average Fare by Pattern to a Series Request

GSO users can now assign an average fare by pattern to a series request with ease. This feature allows for a more granular control over pricing, enabling an even distribution of fares across different Origin & Destination pairs and patterns. With this new capability, airlines can tailor pricing strategies to suit specific market demands, maximizing revenue potential.

Post-ticketing Changes & Reissuing

GSO introduces post-ticketing changes, improving ticket reissuing processes. Airlines can now efficiently handle changes such as cancellations, decreases, and date changes for native PSSs directly through GSO. This streamlines ticketing efficiency and results in significant savings in GDS costs.

Enhanced Booking Experience

GSO enhances the booking experience with the confirmation of ORW bookings. Now, for any ad hoc request with flights outside the reservation window, GSO provides the ability to confirm the outbound direction as soon as all outbound segments are in range. This eliminates unnecessary wait times and ensures airlines can secure inventory on available outbound flights promptly, optimizing booking efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Offer Marketing


Personalize Content with Geolocation

Provide travelers with personalized offers based on their location with the new Geolocation feature. This feature improves the flight search experience for users by offering a tailored journey from start to finish. It incorporates Geolocation data into existing templates and modules, ensuring a hassle-free deployment across various touchpoints, from airTRFX pages to externalized module placements.

Read more about Geolocation Premium Feature


  • Number of Stops Filter: The premium Number of Stops Filter, exclusively available for tenants with FareNet add-ons, empowers airlines to display fares based on specific stop criteria, providing end-users with filter options such as "Any stops," "Up to 1 stop," and "Nonstop" to enhance the search experience.

  • Cash vs. Award Filter: The Cash vs. Award Filter in the Dynamic Price airModule (DPA) provides a premium filtering option for tenants licensing the redemption units expansion set. With this feature, users can configure filters enabling end-users to search fares by Cash or Redemption Units, catering to the preferences of loyalty program members.

  • Origin and Destination Filters: New updates to the Origin and Destination Filters on the DPA streamlines the search process by allowing the airports dropdown to open on click and adding a chevron indicator to the filter, eliminating the need for users to input a minimum number of characters to select an airport.

  • Location Attributes Filter for Hospitality: This premium feature enables end-users to filter rates based on specific categories and tags such as hotel amenities or brands. This provides users with the ability to find rates tailored to their preferences, providing a personalized booking experience and improving your conversion rate.

Shopping and Booking Data Access

Customers now have the ability to access a comprehensive array of data fields collected via FareNet seamlessly into the Flight Search Results page and associated booking flows. This data can be accessed through an Amazon S3 entrance or a SFTP location, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

By centralizing your data, you can supplement existing datasets with external shopping and booking data to gain deeper insights into your business operations. With this feature, users can design custom dashboards tailored to their specific needs. Track performance, uncover trends, and gain real-time insights with ease.

Learn more about Offer Marketing products in the PROS Marketplace.

About the Author

Martina Ventura, PROS Industry Marketing Specialist, with a work background in legacy airline marketing. She manages go-to-market strategies for Offer Optimization and Offer Marketing tools, empowering travel companies to thrive in the dynamic airline industry.

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