PROS Airline Offer Optimization

Deliver AI-fueled, revenue-optimal offers.

Maximize revenue across every flight with market-leading forecasting and real-time dynamic pricing, and unlock offer optimization capabilities.

Airline revenue management is rapidly changing, moving away from RBDs and closer to customers. Are you building a revenue optimization strategy that meets the needs of modern airline retailing?

Say hello to PROS Offer Optimization!

  • Advance with class-free revenue management and continuous pricing
  • Scientifically forecast price sensitivity and customer willingness-to-pay
  • Apply real-time price segmentation based on request and customer attributes
  • Dynamically rank, bundle, and price ancillaries

SOLUTION | Value Drivers

Unlock new revenue opportunities. Progress from revenue management to offer optimization today​.

Drive AI-fueled, personalized dynamic offers with PROS Offer Optimization. And rest assured they are revenue-optimal. Across every flight. For every customer. And on every distribution channel. Innovate toward dynamic pricing and keep legacy conversion and compatibility for as long as needed.

Master class-based forecasting based on price sensitivity
Capture hidden demand by pricing between filed fares

Request Specific Pricing

Tailor pricing based on customer segments and willingness-to-pay​
Dynamically rank, bundle and price ancillaries to win customers


PROS Offer Optimization Solutions

Experience the best results in the industry.



Revenue Lift with PROS Revenue Management
Up to


Additional Revenue Lift with Continuous Pricing
Up to


Additional Revenue Lift with Request Specific Pricing
Up to


Revenue Lift with Dynamic Ancillary Pricing

TECHNOLOGY | Powered by AI and Science

Industry-Leading AI and Innovation

In today’s competitive landscape, your choice in vendors is more important than ever. PROS is the proven market-leader in airline forecasting, and continued investment and innovations will allow you to enable new, first-to-market capabilities like Continuous Pricing, Request Specific Pricing, and Dynamic Ancillary Pricing.

PROS AI – Always Innovating:


Data Scientists on Staff


AI Models


Patents and Patents Pending


More Accurate Forecasts

PRODUCTS | Overview

Start your Offer Optimization journey. Today.

Explore the PROS products for Offer Optimization. Advance revenue operations with best-of-breed AI-powered software for airline revenue management, pricing, and ancillary optimization.

PROS Revenue Management

Harness the power of best-in-class forecasting .

  • Capture price sensitive demand with proven willingness-to-pay forecasting
  • Enhance forecasting with a flexible and comprehensive network optimization built for leg/seg and network-based models
  • Increase productivity and speed-up decision making with data rich workflows and automation

PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing

Unlock dynamic pricing with accurate, scalable availability in real time​.

  • Gain greater price flexibility and higher price accuracy
  • Increase price control and consistency across sales and distribution channels
  • Capture additional revenue with proven continuous pricing live at airlines today
  • Drive revenue uplift of 1.5% while optimizing GDS costs

PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing​

Drive Ancillary Revenue with AI-Driven Pricing

  • Leverage AI to tailor ancillary pricing to different customer segments
  • Eliminate pricing errors that lead to suboptimal ancillary revenue generation
  •  Automate complex pricing rules, reduce manual work, and increase productivity

Explore the rest of the PROS Platform.

PROS Offer Creation and Retailing

Bring offer optimization to life across sales channels

PROS Offer Marketing

Present dynamic offers across marketing channels

PROS Order Management

Launch order-native repository, servicing delivery and fulfillment