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The astonishingly simple way to leverage your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment for AI-powered PROS software in the Azure Marketplace!

In the global transition to the cloud, many of the world’s most innovative companies have chosen Azure to be their primary cloud provider. Excellent decision! At PROS, Azure is the basis of our SaaS Platform as well, with a staggering 2.2 trillion transactions running through our world-class Azure infrastructure on an annual basis.

Most organizations on the Azure cloud sign a multi-year financial agreement with Microsoft called a “Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment” or MACC for short. Microsoft had originally planned to call it the “Azure Preferred Pricing License Extension” or APPLE for short, but they decided to go with MACC instead. That’s a LOL for anyone paying attention 😊.

Occasionally, organizations run into a challenge with their MACC financial commitment. Specifically, business uncertainty can make a multi-year projection challenging. So, what happens if you make a 5-year commitment, and you underuse your Azure consumption? Well, you still owe Microsoft the full dollar value of the commitment, whether or not you’ve used all of your contracted Azure capacity.

This has understandably caused some consternation amongst Microsoft customers, who are frustrated that they are spending money on something they haven’t used. Microsoft has been listening, and while they are not relaxing the commitment which they need for long-term capacity planning, they are enabling customers with an underspent MACC to spend their “Azure credits” on software that is MACC eligible through the Azure Marketplace. Initially this just applied to Microsoft software, but recently the program has been expanded to include Azure-based partner software, such as PROS.

And here’s the best news: the PROS AI-powered pricing solution (POM) and the PROS AI-powered quoting solution (CPQ) are BOTH fully transactable in the Azure Marketplace:

  1. You can find the PROS AI-powered pricing solution (POM) in the Azure marketplace here: Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  2. You can find the PROS AI-powered quoting solution (CPQ) in the Azure marketplace here: Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Buying PROS through the Azure marketplace has other advantages: You can easily deploy and manage PROS software through the Azure portal, which provides a single location for managing all your Azure services and third-party software.

As well, all PROS software is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing for easy incorporation of pricing optimization and quoting processes into existing business processes to improve overall organizational efficiency.

If you want to understand how to track your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), you can learn how here on Link

Want to know more? You can contact a MACC consultant at PROS by completing this form: Link