PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing

Drive Ancillary Revenue with AI-Driven Pricing

Deliver revenue-optimal prices that match customer willingness-to-pay and maximize ancillary spend

  • Leverage AI to tailor ancillary pricing to different customer segments
  • Eliminate pricing errors that lead to suboptimal ancillary revenue generation
  • Automate complex pricing rules, reduce manual work, and increase productivity

Check out the demo video and see how airBaltic utilizes PROS AI-powered Dynamic Ancillary Pricing solution to price seats in real-time on

Use AI to Boost Your Ancillary Optimization Strategy

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation drives the recommendation of ancillary prices by considering a set of customer characteristics and trip related attributes

Reinforcement Learning

Convergence to optimal prices is ensured by the continuous learning cycle which updates the models based upon win/lose information for the offered ancillaries

Efficient Exploration

The AI models scientifically and systematically explore the price range to determine optimal price for customer segment while minimizing impact from exploration

Drive Quick Time-to-Value and Significant Incremental Revenue

Up to 6%

Revenue Lift

6-10 Weeks

For Go-live

0 Rules

No User-Based Strategies

“We observed 6% ASR revenue increase per passenger after the implementation of PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing solution.”

Jolanta Rema, VP eCommerce and Commercial Distribution, airBaltic

Watch this video to learn how airBaltic implemented PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing solution to drive revenue and improve customer digital experience, and what results they achieved.

For a more in-depth dive into airBaltic’s journey with PROS, read their customer success story.

Empowering eCommerce and Ancillary Teams

Real-Time Pricing

Ensure the most relevant pricing by evaluating ancillary shopping requests in real-time

Data-Driven Learning

Leverage the latest booking data to continuously enhance the AI models

Open and Modular Solution

Seamlessly integrate PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing with third party booking and merchandising platforms

Conversion Optimization

Perfect ancillary optimization strategies with A/B testing

Offer History

Keep track of the dynamically generated ancillary offers

Minimal Human Intervention

Liberate eCommerce and ancillary teams from time-consuming manual business rules management

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