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Microsoft + PROS ‘Tech 4 Tech’

The CFOs Best-Kept Secret for Profitable Growth

In this roundtable discussion purposefully crafted for leaders in the High-Tech industry, Microsoft and PROS discuss leading challenges this industry is facing and how market-leaders are gobbling up market share by winning deals faster and driving profitable growth with payouts in under a year… and in some instances, as quickly as 2 weeks.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn:

  • Why the most forward-thinking CFOs are swapping spreadsheets for profit optimization software
  • How to successfully manage both sides of the margin equation: cost and price
  • How to set a 2-week project payback strategy that drives market share
  • The secret to getting sales leaders to abide by the CFO playbook
  • The secret to never underpricing your offers and undercutting your commissions


Stefan Schulz, Chief Financial Officer at PROS
Stefan Schulz

Chief Financial Officer, PROS


Stephen Oommen, Managing Director of US Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft, headshot
Stephen Oommen

Managing Director of US Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft


Grad Conn, Chief Marketing Officer at PROS, headshot
Grad Conn

Chief Marketing Officer at PROS

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